I’m Punong Kali Guro Ike Ardeña Curativo, head instructor in Cadiz City Arnis Kali Hangaway Power of the Brave Fighter.

I’m promoted by Senior Grandmaster Pepito Sabalberino, founder of Power of the Brave Fighter Arnis and Mixed Martial Arts in Quezon City, Philippines.

My first Kali Guro was my father Pinakamataas na Punong Kali Guro, Pepito Villa-Lobos Curativo.

My father was born in 1940 in Binon an Batad, in Iloilo. His Kali Guro or Blade master was supreme grandmaster Lolo Roman Becayo from Capiz. Punong Kal Guro Roman´s students were his son Haide Becayo and my father Pepito Curativo. They trained hard in a small village in Binon an Batad. It was a secret training often carried out in the moon light in the backyard or in the bamboo stockroom.

My father died on April 15, 2003 at the age of 62. He had trained for 21 years and his teacher was almost 70 years old. My dad’s classmate was Haide Becayo and he was better than my father because he was the son of Grand Master Roman Becayo.

Many years later my father and GM Haide Becayo had become very elite fighters, experts in Kalisilat martial arts.

They participated in challenges in differnet festivals in the villages and barangays in the the small towns of Panay Island. My father and Haide Becayo were respectable and undefeated fighters.

My father was a fisherman. Sometimes he was involved in fights with bad guys and gangsters using Arnis Kalisilat with blades and caburata weapons. The enemy in Panay used blades and guns. My father and his family were famous as brave fighters.

Later my father moved to Cadiz City to work in the fishing industry. He met my mother and got happily married.

At that time in the village Bokbok in Cadiz City there were many gangsters, many of them were also experts at handling the blade.

My father was challenged by many expert blade fighters and by the kingpin, the king of the gangsters. My father accepted the challenge and remained undefeated.

My father became the new ruler of the village. The people called him the roaring lion of Bokbok village. The gangsters and kingpins respected the roaring lion.

Many years ago, the legacy of my father was transferred to my brothers Erap, Pip and to me. My father told me before he died that we had to continue the legacy. One of my father’s friends was Grand Master of Arnis Kalisilat Jose Siva. In 2003 my father said: “My son, I’m weak now, my body is very weak, I’m dying. I want you to train with with Grand Master Jose Siva.”

Curativo Arnis Kali Hangaway

I continued to practice with Grand Master Jose Siva. In 1999 i started training Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and Karate with my teachers Emilio and Rodolfo Longaquit. In the early 2000’s I had a lot of experiences in martial arts challenges.

In 2005 I stopped and left martial arts because I converted to be a Born again Christian. I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior.

Before I converted I was a trouble maker, I had a bad attitude used my skills the wrong way.

Thanks to Lord Jesus I became a new man.

Since 2007 my church brothers Tirso Bojos, a former Judo Karate champion encouraged me to continue legacy of my father and preserve the art of Kali Silat. I accepted the challenge and went back to training.

Kali Guro Tirso Bojos had also learnt from my fathers legacy and I was willing to share the knowledge with him. Kali Guro Tirso became a co-founder of Arnis Kali Hangaway – Power of the Brave Fighter along with my brother Kali Guro Pip Curativo.

Sinawali practice

As a founder and master instructor, in 2014 I started teaching the police and barangay police, Philippine Air Force students and Elementary, High School and College students.

I’m a government martial arts instructor and I work for the City Mayor’s Sports Office in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental.

Since 2014 I’m a Master Instructor promoted by Senior Grand Master Pepito Sabalberino.

From 2016 to 2018 I have studied the art of Bangkaw Sibat under Supreme Grand Master Enrique Bunda. I have also studied the system of Oido de Caburata and Tapado under Supreme Grand Master Sabbas Gubaton and Grand Master Felix Guinabo. I’m also learning the theory of styles and principles from Grandmaster Samuel Ibe of Silat Negros Tembangan and Tuhon Mel Tortal of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

Now I have many students in Cadiz City. My first foreign student is Olof Johansson from Skåne, Sweden. I also have students active in online training; Valdimir in Moscow, Russia and two Singaporean, one British and 16 Filipino students in Singapore.

Long stick